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Crap At The Environment.

Crap At The Environment
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Crap At The Environment is an attempt to start a movement of people who are concerned about climate change and environmental damage, yet, until now, have been completely or fairly shit at doing anything about it. This shitness may have been caused by uncertainty about the issues, apathy, confusion, boredom, or just inclination to focus on more manageable things like the F.A. Cup. The movement is headed by comedian Mark Watson and will result in a 'cult' book early next year. Its aim in the meantime is, through blogs, events, stunts, personal experiments and so forth, to remove the tedium from 'green' issues, replacing it with Fun. Resulting in lots of people who were Crap At The Environment becoming Good at it. And ultimately making a tiny, but noble, difference to things.

Find out more about CATE over at the myspace page: [here]. Find out more about Mark Watson at his myspace page: [here].

You can post almost anything you want in here, be it ideas for CATE projects, discussions about environmental things or picture of your plant. This LiveJournal community isn't run by Mark, I'm just a member of CATE. You can get in touch with Mark either via his MySpace or via CATE's MySpace. If you want to get in touch with me: email amymeganskinner[at]yahoo[dot]com and put CATE as the subject; drop a comment on my LJ; or leave a comment at my [myspace].